September 05, 2014

On Docker

Look Here First

I’ve been collecting my thoughts for an entry on docker, but today I ran across Adrian Cockroft’s article on the subject. He describes the phenomenon much better than I could, and I completely agree with his concise assessment.

What About Infrastructure?

With the explosive interest in docker, I have been curious how the infrastructure component would evolve. If CoreOS is any indication, there doesn’t seem to be much standing in the way of progress here.

The OS Layer

Until recently, I’ve been stuck with too-fat linux distributions just to get basic Docker support. Core OS is an example of a dramatic move toward an entirely new architecture: multiple containers sharing a single kernel. No hypervisors. No packages with painful dependencies. Just portable and distributable containers with the ability to consolidate or cluster.

IaaS Players

Digital Ocean (an emerging IaaS provider) recently announced full support for CoreOS as a first-class citizen. It seems we will only see better and more widespread support from infrastructure providers - sooner rather than later!

The PaaS Bypass

As someone who has never been satisfied with PaaS offerings, these latest developments are very exciting!


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